What causes asthma in children ? Or in a more appropriate speech, what causes childhood asthma ? Well, here’s a proven fact: About 5 million American children suffers from childhood asthma.

Every year, there are about 200,000 children asthma cases that is being recorded in the hospital. In fact, most affected children under the age of 10 will developed the symptoms and these symptoms will start showing even before they are 5 years old.

General Causes of Asthma In Children

The  story behind the causes asthma are complex and varies among population groups and individuals.

For example, asthma in children is highly associated with allergies. However, only a minority of children with allergies have asthma. Other factors, such as genetics, may also be the cause for the development of the asthma.

Genetics combined may make a child susceptible to environmental triggers. That is to say, apart from allergens, other environment factors which they get  to interact may also cause them to develop asthma… such as the food they take, the air surrounding them, infections that may weaken their bodies.

Even physical factors, such as having a weaker and smaller lung, affects the true story behind how your child develop his/her asthma.

Why is it important to understand what causes asthma in children ?

Well… if you would notice what was mentioned, children who developed asthma was not born with it. They are, overtime, exposed to certain factors that causes them to develop asthma… thus, by countering these factors, you will make your child less prone to asthma.

For example, if your child is physically weaker and has weak lungs… developing lung capacity and breathing power can help to counter the problem.

If your child developed them due to the environment surrounding them, one such as air pollution, one of the best ways is to move away from that area, build up their body resistance… and have a proper asthma treatment. Thus, with the trigger gone.. and a more direct and more effective approach towards the treatment, you can actually help your child recover from asthma.


Children or childhood asthma is very common. This is because children have weaker lungs and their immune system are generally lower than that of an adult. Thus, they are therefore, very easily being subject or affected by asthma triggers.

Here is a quick look into the statistic in children asthma:

Childhood Asthma Statistics

  • Five million children in America suffers from asthma
  • 173 children are hospitalised each year due to severe symptoms
  • Annually 863 children in America is undergoing emergency treatment
  • 14 million school days are missed due to asthma attack
  • 1.6 billion dollars are spent each year for the treatment
  • Seven percentages of all children are affected
  • National wide 5,500 deaths occur due to childhood asthma
  • The frequency of attack is higher in boys than in girls

Now that is pretty scary isn’t it ?

A lot of it has to do with the way we live and the way the environment changes… some for the better.. some for the worse. Like in most 3rd world countries.. the number of children suffering from childhood asthma doubles that of what was mentioned above..

The first step in the children asthma treatment is to keep your child away from all the possible triggers.

That also means that you should keep the child away from polluted environment, food items which may cause allergy, avoid pets with fur and feathers (such as cats and dogs), beddings and clothing should be clean…

Their health condition should also be monitored properly and at the same time, eat healthily to boost their immune system.

Remember, successful childhood asthma treatment starts now.. the sooner you take action, the better chance of your child recovering from their asthma.

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There is a pretty fine line when it comes to asthma and a cold or flu, especially since colds and flu can actually trigger asthma symptoms. Therefore, it is important not to get confuse if its childhood asthma your child is having or is it just a cold or flu.

The chart below shows you how to recognize the most common symptoms of all three conditions:

Children Asthma:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing — a whistling sound when your child breathes
  • Rapid breathing, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing
  • Tightness in chest


  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Runny, stuffy nose
  • Sneezing


  • Dry cough
  • High fever
  • Blocked or runny nose
  • Aching muscles / joints
  • Headache

Some asthma symptoms are loud or obvious, such as coughing and wheezing, especially during the night or after heavy activities. You can actually observe it by your child’s shoulder, which tends to be “higher” than usual..

There are also the quiet, less obvious symptoms of asthma you may need to look for in children, such as

  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Restlessness during sleep
  • Unusual paleness
  • Sweating or anxiety
  • Irritability

It’s helpful to remember that asthma symptoms are not only heard but seen as well. If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, but you’re just not sure if it’s asthma, it’s important to speak to your child’s doctor.

If your child is suffering from childhood asthma, then.. precautions must be taken to avoid the triggers that will activated their asthma.

Such as cleaning up the house with warm water, doing proper warm up before any heavy exercise… these are the little things that you can help and educate your child… IF you want them to recover from their asthma.

Remember, the lesser the attacks, the better the treatment they will go through… and the better the treatment… the higher chance of recovering and outgrow their asthma attacks.

Any children asthma treatment is not always about visiting the doctor or specialist and getting a bunch or medication to control or treat asthma.

Remember this, there is no “magic pill” when it comes to treating asthma in children… thus, medication can only help your child in a controlling their asthma during flare ups or even trying to curb them asthma from being triggered, but.. in order to have a successful asthma treatment, it is crucial that proper nutrition is being introduced into your children’s daily life.

Well, I am going to be pretty blunt here, but eating the right food will help your child become stronger and actually help control their asthma from within. In other words, as your child becomes stronger, especially with the right diet throughout his growth, they can easily outgrow their asthma… and never suffer from an asthma attack again… even without medication…

That is what you should do when planning a proper children asthma treatment program for your children…

Let me give you an example here:

As you know, asthma attacks occurs when there is an over reaction of the immune system against invaders. Thus, in order to curb this aspect, it is to make your child’s immune system stronger, so that they can better react towards these invaders”.

Food sources that contains vitamin A helps to do just that.

Vitamin A build up your child’s immune system, making them stronger against infection and triggers.

It also helps and aid in maintaining epithelial cells and mucous membrane, which are the main areas where the inflammation occurs during an asthma attack.

A healthier and well maintained mucous membrane also means that the inflammation is less likely to occur and makes your child grow stronger as they builds up their immune system over time

As such, it is crucial to note that if you want to have a successful children asthma treatment, you need to plan their dietary intake.

I’ll give you another example, cholesterol… which is very common in fast food.

Studies has shown that high cholesterol has inflammatory effects, thus bringing us to the topic that asthma is caused by the inflammation of the airways.

The more you don’t control the cholesterol intake, the more common the attack is going to occur… and the more common the attack, the more damage it is going to be done to the lung. So.. even if you were to spend thousands of dollars looking for the best child asthma treatment, it is not going to help cure your children’s childhood asthma.. for.. like I mention, the more damage it is done.. the lesser chance of them recovering.

Its a cruel fact, but that’s reality.

So… a good children asthma treatment plan comes with the right diet, don’t just focus on the medication… that’s secondary.. but rather, focus on helping your child build a stronger body and immune system… that is how you can help cure their asthma.

If you are a parent looking for children asthma treatment, it is good to know the options available for your child’s asthma symptoms.

The 2 main options are mainly:

Asthma Controller Medicine – helps keep symptoms from occurring by treating the underlying causes of asthma in your child’s airway. This should be given to the child even when the asthma are silent or seems not to exist at all.

Asthma Rescue Medicine – used to provide quick relief from sudden asthma attacks. It works by temporarily relaxing and opening air passages in the lungs.

Do note that however, that even though the rescue medicine works very well.. it is crucial to note that it should not be used frequently. In fact, it should not be used more than twice in a week.

This is because the dosage is very high and may impose some health implications over the long run, thus, even making your child become very dependent on it.

That is not something you want to happen.

If you are using any medication for your child’s asthma treatment, the controller medicine is the safer way to go, and it should be prescribed by your family doctor.

..and despite the fact that the controller medicine will help them to better control the attacks, curing the underlying problems of your child’s asthma is the main priority we are looking for.

The main reason why you don’t want to over rely on them… is because once your child become subjected to these medication for the long term, there is no turning back… for they will need them for life, just to control their asthma attack.

In order for your child to recover FULLY from their asthma attack, it is very important that you start expanding your child’s lung capacity and also, at the same time, strengthen their immunity within their body so that the trigger tolerance will be higher.

Of course, like I mentioned in the previous post, it is also crucial that they try to avoid the triggers as much as possible.. for this will in turn, help them recover from the asthma faster.

The good news is, once they get past this stage, their asthma attack will not come back again, for now, they have better breathing capacity, stronger immune system and better tolerance for the triggers… making their asthma attack as good as gone.

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Triggers are what accounts for your child’s asthma attacks. As describe or mentioned in the previous post, in order to control, or even better.. cure your child’s asthma attack, one of the best ways is to prevent it altogether, while at the same time, strengthen the lung and the airways.

In this post, let us talk more about what these common triggers of a child’s asthma attack are.

You see.. children’s lung are not as developed and strong as an adult, that is why they are more subjected to the triggers, even if it is not applicable to an adult. By taking note of these triggers, you can prevent their asthma from happening.

I am sure you wouldn’t want your child to suffer from all those wheezing and dry coughs and the agony in the difficulty of breathing… so.. the very first step towards their better health is.. controlling these triggers:

1) Cold Drinks – One of the most common triggers for a child’s asthma attack is drinking cold fizzy sodas. Well,.. not only are these drinks high in sugar.. meaning, they are mucus producing drink, they also contract your child’s airways and lungs.

If you discover your child is suffering from an asthma attack every time you brought them to mac donalds.. you’ll understand why this is so..

2) Dust Mites – This was described in the previous post.. yes.. asthma is almost like an allergy and asthma attacks is triggered when the immune system over-reacts to “invaders”.. thus.. dust mites are these invaders.

So.. if you want to curb your child’s asthma, clean and clean and clean your house !

3) Animals – Well.. sad as it may seem, animals, especially furry pets like dogs and cats, can trigger an asthma attack in your kids. It is believed that dead skin flakes and the saliva protein from your cute dog or cat can in fact, trigger your child’s attack.

The good news is.. most likely, it is only of one species.. meaning.. if it is cat that they are allergic to.. then it is most likely they are not allergic to dogs.

4) Smoke – Ok..this is one of the more common causes for child asthma.. and especially so for them to be breathing in  second hand smoke… or even staying in poorly ventilated room filled with smoke.

It is one of the killer triggers for children asthma…

5) Cold Air – Breathing in cold air is also one of the more common causes for an asthma attack… especially for children. The cold air contracts the airways and lung, thus, preventing them from allowing a smooth proper airflow.

This is especially so and a very common case when your child is doing sports or heavy activities during winter or even in high areas when the air is colder and thinner.. prompting them to take in even more cold air.. which could very well.. worsen the situation.

So.. there you have it.. the Top 5 common triggers for children asthma attacks.. and if you want to help your child get rid of their asthma, it will be good time you start taking control of these triggers.

So.. how do you treat children asthma naturally ? If your child is suffering from asthma, one of the keys to treating them is to prevent them from happening altogether. In other words, you need to be aware of the triggers that your child is subjected to and start cleaning up from there.

Prevention is always better than cure, as such, by preventing and avoiding these triggers, you are actually preventing any asthma flare ups from your child.

In the meantime, if you work on the treatment and start strengthening and conditioning the lungs and bronchial tubes(the airways), you will slowly see the improvement in your child’s asthma and also notice that the attacks gets lesser and lesser.

I have mentioned that the more your child suffer from their asthma attacks, the more damage it is going to do to their lungs.. in other words.. the time and “area” of recovery is going to be longer and bigger. The less asthma attack they have, with the right amount of treatment, the easier they will recover from their childhood asthma.

Asthmas are activated by triggers and you, as a parent, have to find out what these triggers are, and take action against them.

That is to say, if your child is suffering from sports induced asthma, it means that they are very subjected to cold air, and weak lungs. In order to counter this, one of the ways is to train them to breathe correctly and also take the suppressants before their activity to prevent the asthma flare ups as much as possible.

If your child is exceptionally triggered by dust mites.. which is one of the more common causes for children asthma, then, you will need to use warm water to clean up your house and possible dust areas. Prevent using furniture that collect dust. These includes your sofa fabric selection and of course, keeping your house as clean as possible.

*Do you know there are millions and millions of unseen dust mites in the air ? Think about how it will affect your child’s health when the house is dusty and your child starts breathing in these little dust mites… after activity.. the amount of oxygen they breathe in… the amount of dust mites they breathe in.. it is no wonder they get the asthma attacks so frequently.

So.. if you want to start treating your child asthma naturally, one of the best ways is to prevent their asthma attacks from being triggered, then start the therapy that helps to condition and strengthen the lung, expand the lung capacity, learn the right breathing technique and you’ll be able to see them recovering from their childhood asthma.

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